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Top 10 Elon Musk Tweets: Understanding the Tesla CEO’s Impact on Crypto

The billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of companies such as SpaceX, Twitter, and Tesla, is known for his Elon Musk tweets that have a significant impact on the price of cryptocurrencies. Musk’s tweets are a well-known trademark of his social media presence. However, in particular, his tweets on Bitcoin or meme coins have a unique impact, causing turbulence in the crypto market. 

So, why does the billionaire tech giant have such a major impact on the crypto market? And what were his most notable tweets over the years? Let’s find out. 

Why is Elon Musk influential? 

There might be several big-name tech entrepreneurs in recent history, but when it comes to public influence, no other figure in the industry comes close to Elon Musk. There are several reasons that drive this influence. 

Firstly, he is a highly successful entrepreneur who has founded and led several companies that have disrupted various industries. For instance, Tesla has disrupted the automotive industry with its electric vehicles, while SpaceX has made significant strides in the space industry. In fact, SpaceX is the first-ever company to aim for a fully commercialized space program. Such innovative, disruptive, and often unimaginable vision makes an icon for the young generation. 

Musk’s innovative and forward-thinking ideas have captured the attention and imagination of people around the world. His visions for a sustainable future, using renewable energy and electric vehicles, have inspired many individuals and companies to take action toward a cleaner, greener world.

Musk is also a charismatic and outspoken figure who is not afraid to speak his mind on a wide range of issues. His social media presence is notable, as his tweets and posts have the potential to reach millions of people around the world. This has given him a significant platform to promote his ideas and values, as well as to engage with his followers and critics.

Last, Musk has also been influential in advocating for the development and adoption of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency. He has been a vocal proponent of these technologies, which has helped to increase public awareness and interest in them.

Why does Elon Musk’s opinion matter in the crypto industry?

Musk is a highly influential figure in the tech industry, and his tweets have the potential to reach millions of people around the world. When he tweets about a particular cryptocurrency, it can lead to increased interest and investment in that asset. This increased demand can drive up the price of the digital asset as more investors are willing to pay a higher price for it.

Musk’s tweets have been known to cause significant fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies. For example, in May 2021, Musk tweeted that Tesla would no longer accept Bitcoin as payment, citing environmental concerns. This tweet caused the price of Bitcoin to drop by more than 10% in a matter of hours. Similarly, in February 2022, Musk tweeted about Dogecoin, causing its value to surge by more than 50% in a single day.

How do Elon Musk’s tweets affect cryptocurrency prices?

Musk’s tweets can affect cryptocurrency prices in several ways. First, as mentioned earlier, his tweets can drive up demand for a particular asset. This increased demand can cause the price of the asset to rise as more investors will pay a higher price for it.

Musk’s tweets can also influence the sentiment of the market. If he tweets positively about a particular asset, it can create a sense of optimism and confidence among investors. This can lead to increased buying activity, which can further drive up the price of the asset.

If Musk tweets negatively about a particular asset, it can cause investors to panic and sell off their holdings. This selling pressure can lead to a drop in the asset’s price.

Musk has been accused of manipulating the price of certain cryptocurrencies with his tweets. They have accused musk of using his tweets to manipulate the price of certain cryptocurrencies. For example, in April 2021, Musk tweeted about a potential partnership between SpaceX and Dogecoin. This tweet caused the value of Dogecoin to surge by over 20%. However, it was later revealed that the tweet was an April fool’s joke, and there was no actual partnership between SpaceX and Dogecoin.

Best Crypto Tweets from Elon Musk 

1. Tesla halting Bitcoin payments 

Musk’s tweet on May 12, 2021, announced Tesla’s decision to stop accepting Bitcoin payments, resulting in a drop in Bitcoin’s value from $54,819 to $45,700 in one day. 

2. The misunderstood DOGE tweet

On January 2021, Musk tweeted a picture of a dog on the cover of the ‘DOGUE’ magazine – the unofficial vogue mimic publication for dogs. The Twitter audience mistook this tweet as a supportive indication of the meme coin. As a result, Dogecoin rallied over 300% in a couple of hours before loosing almost half of its value the next day. 

3. Choosing crypto over fiat 

On May 2021, Elon Musk twitted that he supports cryptocurrencies over fiat currency. As a result, the entire crypto market experienced a significant bull run, which later transpired to be one of the biggest crypto rallies in modern times.

4. One-word ‘DOGE’ 

Musk’s tweet on the same day simply read “One Word: Doge.” Shortly after, several reports indicated that the trading volume for DOGE/USDT had significantly increased. In the 30 minutes before Musk’s tweet, the average trading volume was around $1,942 per minute, with an average of nine trades per minute. However, in the 30 minutes following the tweet, the average trading volume per minute skyrocketed to approximately $299,330, with 775 trades per minute.

5. The DOGE survey 

Days prior to his announcement to stop accepting Bitcoin, Elon Musk conducted a Twitter poll to gauge interest in Tesla accepting DOGE as a form of payment. DOGE, a cryptocurrency originally created as a meme on social media in 2013, was considered an option. By conducting a poll, Musk improved the decision-making process for Tesla.

6. Tesla and Dogecoin partnership 

On May 27, 2022, Elon Musk announced in a tweet that Dogecoin could be used to purchase official Tesla items, and that SpaceX would follow suit in the near future. He wrote, “Tesla merch can be bought with DOGE, soon SpaceX merch too.” This tweet caused a surge in Dogecoin’s price for a few hours.

7. Constant support for DOGE 

Musk tweeted on June 19, 2022, stating that he would continue to support Dogecoin. It is worth noting that he has faced a lawsuit for $258 billion, which alleges that he ran a pyramid scheme to promote the cryptocurrency. Despite this, Dogecoin has gained popularity among investors in recent times.

8. McDonald’s and Dogecoin

In January 2022, Musk tweeted that he would eat a Happy Meal on television if McDonald’s began accepting Dogecoin. The Happy Meal is one of the most popular items on McDonald’s menu. This tweet caused a 9% increase in Dogecoin’s price from the previous day.

9. April fool’s joke 

On April 1, 2022, the CEO of SpaceX tweeted that his organization would “place a literal Dogecoin on the literal Moon.” As of now, a Dogecoin has not been deposited on the lunar surface, so it is reasonable to assume that the tweet was merely a harmless April Fool’s joke. This tweet caused the value of Dogecoin to surge by more than 20% on the day. 

10. The Shiba Inu tweet 

On June 2021, the Tesla CEO announced that he owned a Shiba Inu dog and he was naming it ‘Floki’. Most users saw it as an indication of supporting the second most popular meme coin, which would be likely as Elon Musk is a known supporter of meme coins. Following the tweet, Shiba Inu prices rallied over 50% before falling again shortly. 


Overall, Elon Musk’s tweets can have a significant impact on the price of cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin and Dogecoin. He can use his tweets to drive up demand, influence market sentiment, and even manipulate the market. As such, it’s important to approach his statements with a critical eye and to consult a variety of sources before making any investment decisions. While Musk’s tweets can be entertaining and engaging, they should not be the sole basis for investment decisions.

h and make informed decisions based on a variety of sources before investing in cryptocurrency.



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