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New Coins Coming To Binance: Early Investing Options

So many cryptocurrencies emerge daily in the crypto market, making it challenging to begin the selection process. Binance adds new listings and only accepts credible projects. But have you heard of the Binance listing effect? Or any exchange listing, for that matter?

Observers noted that certain exchange listing news reliably moves crypto prices. Take note, however, that not all listing announcements are created equal. Traders would do well to be cautious before buying the listing news.

As different cryptocurrencies grow in popularity, more and more exchanges often list them, adding liquidity and helping new investors and traders gain access to the crypto asset. While crypto exchange listings often impact related cryptocurrency prices, some consider such hype oversold.

When an exchange announces plans to list a new asset, consider the time gap between the announcement and when the platform actually begins functional trading for that asset. 

The listing announcement can provide a good opportunity for trading when the timing is right. Sometimes exchanges simply list new assets and then announce the fact later; these instances can also serve as trading opportunities, depending on the circumstances. 

Binance’s popularity as one of the best crypto exchanges needs no further introduction. But to keep its position, the crypto exchange needs new listings. This guide looks at new coins coming to Binance and the reasons why you should consider early investing.

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Top new coins coming to Binance exchange 

#1: Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

Lucky Block is one of the new coins coming to Binance. The project is well-known because its native token, LBLOCK, became the quickest digital asset to attain a market valuation of $1 billion. It is essential to know that Lucky Block is a crypto-gaming platform with a built-in tax on sell transactions. It is also an NFT competition platform that is fair, decentralized, and transparent. Again, Lucky Block holds weekly and daily tournaments, and some of the rewards offered are crypto giveaways and impressive prizes such as holidays, game consoles, and many more.

The Lucky Block ecosystem solely relies on LBLOCK for several functions. Furthermore, the first version of LBLOCK is built on the BEP-20 protocol. The only limitation of the first version is that it is used for utility rather than speculation due to the tax imposed on sell transactions. The second version LBLOCK V2 solves that problem. The LBLOCK V2 was built on the Ethereum blockchain because Ethereum allows the creation of decentralized apps available on many blockchains today – this is what makes LBLOCK V2 a better investment option than the previous version.

LBLOCK V2 listing on Binance is inevitable given that the cryptocurrency has been listed on other crypto exchanges such as LBank and MEX.

#2: Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is another top new coin that is coming to Binance. The team behind this project is in the application stage on Binance. Battle Infinity’s native token is IBAT, which will raise more than 16,500 BNB on its presale round once the hard cap is reached.

People who buy IBAT will have the opportunity to unlock different gaming features. Battle Infinity, inspired by Axie Infinity, is a gaming platform that hosts many play-to-earn NFT games. Battle Infinity was built as a fantasy sports blockchain game, allowing players to access different types of virtual sports games, including football, rugby, cricket, etc. The first NFT game to be released will be centered on cricket, based on the Indian Premier League. 

Metaverse fans will also find the project enticing. IBAT holders will be able to buy lands in the form of NFTs.

Battle Swap is the decentralized exchange element integrated with the Battle Infinity ecosystem. The exchange allows investors to buy IBAT and convert their rewards into cryptocurrencies.

#3: Chain of Legends (CLEG)

Chain of Legends is another altcoin that is set to be listed on Binance. This cryptocurrency is a play-to-earn NFT game offering high monthly income with a deflationary system. Furthermore, the Chain of Legend’s official token is CLEG. Knowing that CLEG can be earned through skilled gameplay is also essential.

Furthermore, there are different ways to earn CLEG. One of them is conquering dungeons and battling players. Players can take over lands and win items in the game; there is an option where you build your own “Hero” and upgrade their attributes. The Chain of Legends game is still in its beta phase, and its full release will come later in 2022.

#4: VisaMetaFI (VISA)

One of the new coins coming to Binance in 2022 is VisaMetaFi (VISA). This decentralized payment protocol solves many of the crypto world’s issues. VisaMetaFi uses Layer-2 technology, enabling businesses to accept USDT and USDC with other popular digital assets like BTC and ETH. 

VisaMetaFi is the world’s decentralized online visa card for real-life and virtual worlds. This is the latest innovation in the digital payments world that combines all the benefits of Blockchain, MetaFi, Web 3.0, and Metaverse. 

An outstanding feature of this project is that it aims to remove GAS fees associated with blockchain transactions, thus offering a cost-effective way for market participants to make transactions. This project’s official coin is VISA, which can be used to purchase different NFTs and other digital assets on the platform. 

#5: Ultiverse (MXS)

Ultiverse is a blockchain platform that connects Web3 with an immersive VR-compatible virtual world, and it is home to AAA games on the blockchain. Within this world, the Ultiverse’s team aims to allow people of all cultures to interact while enabling the easy creation of NFTs. The Ultiverse is created using the Unreal Enterprise Program in high-profile video games and films. With that in mind, the Ultiverse’s virtual world has a unique aesthetic that makes it distinct. Players can construct avatars, survive, craft, build, and hunt in this virtual world. The Ultiverse project will enter its Beta phase in Q4 2022, and its main launch is expected in Q1 2023. 

With more than 100,000 followers on Twitter, Ultiverse is one of the most anticipated projects. 

#6: Cosmic Guild (CG)

Cosmic Guild is another cryptocurrency set for the Binance listing. However, this crypto platform is a community-first guild, where gamers worldwide come together as one community, united by their love for NFT games.

The focus of this cryptocurrency is to boost developments within the crypto-gaming space. Again, Cosmic Guild manages various DAO projects related to play-to-earn games and scouting talented gamers in the Esports space. Holders of its native token CG can have a say on the platform (governance). Asides from this, CG can be used for staking. Additional voting power is also given to holders who stake for an extended period. Stakers are also incentivized from the yields generated by Cosmic Guild. 

#7: BlaBlaGame 

Alchemy Pay is another potential project that is coming to Binance. This project brings the famous “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game to the blockchain and has encouraged nearly 35,000 games. Additionally, this project has a fan base of more than 1,500 people. Users who play BlaBlaGame can place bets on the outcome. Anyone who wins will be rewarded with BLA, the native token. Every game on the platform is protected with the SHA-256 algorithm to prevent hacks and fraud.

In addition, BlablaGame also has a built-in referral system that enables users who invite their friends to receive a bonus of up to 14% on their next purchase. 

If you use the BLA token, you will be required to pay a fee of 2.2%. The fee is allocated to daily and monthly prize pools, daily cashback, and other rewards. To enter a new level in the game, you must win a certain number of games and collect BLA tokens. The maximum token for the final level is 1,000,000 tokens. Furthermore, BlaBlaGame is still at the early stage of its IEO.

#8: Bet2Ken (BTK)

Bet2Ken is also one of the new Binance listings.  The platform is an online sportsbook that supports different cryptocurrencies. This platform is different from other sportsbooks in that the platform aggregates odds data from several providers and ensures that users always receive the best odds. 

In Bet2Ken’s ecosystem, users can vote on various aspects of its operation. For instance, users who hold BTK token (its official token) can vote on their favorite data providers and benefit from the revenue sharing model in Bet2Ken. Additionally, BTK can be purchased on the Bet2Ken launchpad. 

This platform is entirely decentralized. Again, if you want to purchase the BTK tokens, you can do so through the ongoing presale, which ends in late August 2022.

How often does Binance add new cryptocurrencies?

Binance frequently adds new cryptocurrencies from time to time, and it is difficult to predict which cryptocurrency the exchange platform will add. Binance announces a listing just a few days or hours before trading starts.

Being accepted on Binance is seen as a right step in the direction of broader acceptance due to the crypto exchange’s huge user base. Again, Binance is the world’s biggest and most popular crypto exchange. 

When a token gets listed on Binance, investors have some indication of the coin’s potential. Usually, when Binance announces that a coin will be listed, its price will pump but will retrace when the listing goes live. 

Nonetheless, you can check out the ‘Announcements’ section of the platform and Binance social media pages to stay updated with new coin listings. 

Reasons why you need to invest in a coin before it is listed on Binance 

When a cryptocurrency is added to large crypto exchange like Binance, there is a big chance that the coin will surge.

This is one of the reasons why many investors choose to search for cryptocurrencies that are on the verge of listing to benefit from the presale discount and make gains. 

Some examples of this are Lucky Block and Battle Infinity. While neither of them has been listed, both projects will probably be listed soon and are proving popular among crypto enthusiasts. Lucky Block’s presale tokens sold out 11 days early due to the larger amount of enthusiasm for the project. Early investors could see impressive gains once this token hits Binance. Battle Infinity also offers early investors an excellent opportunity to buy its token.

How to invest in new Binance cryptocurrencies

In this section, we will use Lucky Block (LBLOCK) as an example of how to invest in these new coins. Investors can find a simple walk-through guide below on how to invest in LBLOCK. Note that you can buy this new crypto coin, but it is not investment advice.

Step 1: Create an account on a crypto wallet 

The first step is to get a crypto wallet if you want to invest in new coins on Binance. Get a crypto wallet compatible with the Binance Smart Chain, which hosts Lucky Block V1.

You need to know that many projects support this, but we recommend Metamask and Trust Wallet. Many users prefer Metamask because it is safer and available on numerous devices.

In addition, Metamask can be used to purchase Lucky Block NFTs. If you prefer to access these new cryptocurrencies, download the Metamask app. The app extension is available on Chrome, Firefox, etc. Once downloaded, you will be required to install it.

Step 2: Purchase BNB tokens as the base crypto coin

Note how many LBLOCK tokens you want to exchange and enter the amount of BNB coins to be exchanged. Then place an order to buy BNB and transfer these BNB tokens to your Metamask wallet.

Step 3: Link your crypto wallet to Pancakeswap

Go to the homepage of Pancakeswap and select ‘Connect Wallet.’

Then select Metamask in the pop-up window; connect to the exchange by following the on-screen prompts.

Step 4: Buy Lucky Block

Once that is done, you must select ‘swap’ and add the LBLOCK contract address. 

Then, the amount of BNB digital currencies to be exchanged for Lucky Block needs to be entered in the relevant box.


This guide revealed new coins that will be listed on Binance. Given the hype around these projects, investors hope these coins will get listed as soon as possible. Lucky Block is one of the projects with a lot of hype due to the release of LBLOCK V2. With that in mind, the launch of LBLOCK V2 opens doors for a whole universe of traders, and it also paves the way for a Binance listing a few months or weeks ahead. 

For exchange listings in general, bigger exchanges with larger customer bases impact asset prices more significantly than smaller platforms. The number of assets on a given platform also plays into the equation.

Since Binance, for example, has a large number of customers but also already offers hundreds of assets for trading, listings can cause price rallies, but such gains may not hold as long as, say, Coinbase before prices fall.

These are observations from industry observers, but you should do your own due diligence before investing in any new coin.



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