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Explained: 2 Important Ethereum priorities after The Merge

The just concluded Ethereum merge has left crypto enthusiasts asking about the next Ethereum priorities. In a recent interview, Vitalik Buterin outlined the Ethereum priorities post-merge, naming the two most important steps the Ethereum network aims to achieve. 

The platform has undergone several development changes, with The Merge becoming its most significant development change. Vitalik mentioned that Ethereum has been undergoing vigorous development faces and they are on the road to changing that. According to him, the platform should seek to attain scalability and stability as its next priorities. 

The Ethereum platform has been experiencing rapid changes that have disrupted its growth. The co-founder mentioned that, although the changes are inevitable, there is a need to promote stability within the ecosystem to allow users to build long-lasting solutions in its environment. 

Ethereum priorities; What is the next step for Ethereum?

Ideally, the next reasonable step for Ethereum is to ensure the scalability of its platform. The platform aims to address scalability issues across the entire ecosystem to ensure the Ethereum platform is entirely ready for users. The primary focus areas could be implementing the Prototank sharding, supporting decentralized applications on the network, implementing a solid bridge infrastructure between the applications, and ensuring that all the wallets can support these applications within its network. 

The detailed process could ensure that Ethereum becomes a stable solution within the blockchain community and spearhead innovations in its ecosystem for users.

Secondly, the Ethereum priorities include making the platform stable. The Ethereum network’s scalability is vital for developers on the platform as much as it is for end users. Th platform has recently undergone multiple development changes that could be a sign of instability. Changes often derail further developments within the platform; however, as Ethereum co-founder explained, the network plans to reduce its development activities and adopt a relatively stable mode. 

Similarly, he points out that the cost of making significant changes within the Ethereum ecosystem continues to increase as the platform grows. The increased expenditure discourages changes and promotes stability as stakeholders increase. 

Ethereum priorities in 5-key phases.

Earlier last year, the Ethereum co-founder released a relatively updated development roadmap that his team planned to follow through with. The roadmap highlights the different stages the Ethereum network will go through and Ethereum priorities in order. 

As highlighted, the platform has already undergone The Merge, which transitioned from a PoW consensus to a PoS consensus algorithm. 

Other key phases Ethereum users should expect, according to crypto investor Miles Destcher, can be summarized as follows;

The MergeThe SurgeThe VergeThe PurgeThe Splurge

.@VitalikButerin claims that #Ethereum will be able to to process “100,000 transactions per second”, following the completion of 5 key phases:

• The Merge
• The Surge
• The Verge
• The Purge
• The Splurge

A quick breakdown of what each stage means for $ETH.

— Miles Deutscher (@milesdeutscher) July 22, 2022

The Ethereum platform is one of the most progressive blockchain ecosystems that strive t improve the status of its ecosystem. Following the significant shift from PoW to PoS, the platform’s decision to focus on the scalability and stability of the platform is reasonable. More products in its ecosystem should be focused on providing real-world benefits to guarantee the platform’s growth. 



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