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Best NFT Games of 2022: How to profit from them

NFT games have a stark advantage over centralized titles. In centralized titles, you get charged to buy in-game products. You never prove ownership. In NFT games, you can prove ownership of an in-game item, making it possible to trade them in an external market.

Traditional gaming titles are designed and maintained by centralized operators; it is, therefore, difficult to ascertain the fairness of gaming outcomes. Crypto play alleviates the challenge by using blockchain smart contracts to determine each gaming outcome. Smart Contracts are trustless, transparent, and immutable lines of code; players can rest assured that all games are 100% fair and random.

This guide reviews the best NFT games of 2022 and provides a bonus overview of how to get started with your first NFT game quest. To start, ensure that you enjoy playing the title in question; then, you can explore its in-game rewards.

What are NFT Games?

NFT games

To understand what NFT games are, it is first a good idea to brush up on your knowledge of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are digital assets that are unique and verifiable on the blockchain. That is to say; no two NFT tokens are the same; NFTs can be cryptographically associated with real-world items such as digital art or music, which gives them real-world value.

The potential of NFTs, gaming, and decentralized finance (Defi) are endless. For instance, the popular NFT game Decentraland allows you to buy virtual land, on which players construct real estate or develop games. Players can sell the real estate at an external NFT marketplace; Decentraland has recorded NFT sales of up to $1 million.

NFT games

In terms of NFT-driven games, these gaming titles allow you to own in-game assets you can prove ownership.  For instance, when you complete specific gaming tasks, such as winning a game or proceeding to the next level, you can earn rewards in the form of in-game tokens or assets. In-game NFTs are unique with different attributes or strengths; their inherent value makes it possible to trade them on NFT markets like Opensea. 

Alternatively, several play-to-earn games offer NFTs representing virtual plots of land in the metaverse. These NFTs often carry the highest value due to the possibility of value addition to the plots, such as real estate development. Assets developed in virtual plots vary widely, from farms and castles to islands and live event venues.

How to make money on NFT games

Many NFT games have their native currencies available on cryptocurrency exchanges enabling players to swap their tokens for other crypto or cash them out into fiat currency. The inherent value of in-game NFTs is one primary reason why play-to-earn games have become so popular.

The second way you can make money in a crypto play-to-earn game is by minting and trading unique NFTs. When you obtain an NFT representing valuable in-game items, trading can be highly profitable. For instance, you might play a racing game that requires you to defeat other players; obtaining a car NFT with the highest speed and power will likely carry an attractive value in the open marketplace. 

Types of NFT Games

The library of NFT games is as vast as that of centralized titles; actually, the most successful NFL games are blockchain upgrades of some popular classic games. NFT games differ in terms of gameplay and type of NFTs; some of the most popular play-to-earn game types include:

Land Ownership NFT Games 

Most NFT games that fully leverage the potential of NFTs are land ownership games. Owning digital land means you can own plots in the game’s virtual world – a unique NFT represents the plot; a good example is Decentaland, where players can own and develop virtual plots of land. Other leading land ownership NFT games include Sandbox and Axie Infinity.

Battle NFT Games 

Another hot topic within the NFT gaming space is Peer vs. Peer (PVP) battle games. In PVP battles, players are pitted against each other, and the winner is awarded in-game tokens.

This NFT game will require you to develop your battle skills, strength, and power capabilities. A well-developed gaming character gives the best chance of building a good stack of gaming coins. The games often allow players to trade their in-game assets and players.

NFT Card Games 

NFT card games are very similar in gameplay to the original Pokemon series. The cards are usually NFTs representing a range of characters, each with specific strengths and weaknesses. NFTs with the most potent characteristics often have the best chance of defeating other players and are usually the most expensive.

Animal NFT Games  

Another popular sector of NFT play to earn games is titles with an animal-centric or meme focus. CryptoKitties allows you to mint and breed cats in the form of NFTs. Each animal has specific breeding characteristics that determine how much each NFL is worth in the open marketplace.

Fantasy Sport NFT games

These are highly competitive sports games that are highly popular among sports fans. The games usually have tournaments where skill determines the winners. Examples of these games include Sorare and Silk horses.

Now that we have covered the basics of NFT games, here is a list of the best NFT games of 2022.

The Sandbox

Sandbox is one of the largest metaverse NFT games on the Ethereum blockchain. The game metaverse stands out because it enables users to create monetizable content. In-game assets are user-owned thanks to blockchain technology that enables user identities through NFTs.Think of The Sandbox as an NFT-powered Roblox or Minecraft; you can play and build assets.

The SAND and LAND tokens are native currencies of the Sandbox metaverse. The Sand token is the currency of the metaverse and is used for trading in the marketplace; Land is the governance token. Land enables players to vote on new features, tools, and the direction of The Sandbox.

In Game mode, players can develop a world of their own, adding games and experiences helping build the metaverse inside The Sandbox. Players can explore other players’ worlds, play games, and import content into the metaverse. 

The game’s visuals resemble Minecraft, but there’s so much more you can do in The Sandbox – and you own it. Watching the metaverse land evolve to merge with other users’ plots to create vast expanses of blocky, colorful kingdoms is mesmerizing. Like Fortnite, major brands such as AMC’s The Walking Dead, Atari, the Smurfs, and NFT projects like Bushidos are partnering and featuring in The Sandbox.

The game is currently available for Mac and Windows PC

Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is a monster collecting NFT card game developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis, famous for its in-game economy, which uses Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies. Axie Infinity players collect, mint, breed, and trade NFTs representing axolotl-inspired digital pets known as Axies. Players pit Axies against each other in a turn-based battle royale. The game runs on the Ethereum blockchain. To minimize transaction fees, it used the Ronin sidechain enabling easy access for prospective players.

Axie Infinity makes a list as the best NFT game for Pokemon fans. In March 2022, the Sky Mavis’ Poké-clone had it rough when the Ronin network got hacked, resulting in the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars stolen from its coffers. Since then, the game has slowly been hemorrhaging players.

The game is available on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh operating systems.


Sorare is an NFT-powered version of fantasy football with regular tournaments where your deck of cards is affected by the real-world stats and events of the world’s major football leagues. MLB is also available with 7 player lineups, and NBA is in the pipeline. Sorare makes the list of the top NFT games for sports fans.

A player needs a deck of 5 NFT cards representing sports stars to play. New players receive a free starter pack of 10 cards to build their first team.  Don’t hold your breath; you won’t get Ronaldo or Messi in the first draw, but chill; you will get some decent players. After that, assemble a team of five players, a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, a forward, and one bonus player of your choice. The lineup allows you to reinforce lines, offense, defense, or midfield, according to your playing style. Winning matches and tournaments get you worthy rewards, allowing you to buy better cards and sell off the ones you don’t need in the NFT marketplace. 

Sorare has over 200 licensed clubs in the game, including Real Madrid, Liverpool, and Bayern Munich. 

So Rare, Own Your Game.

My Neighbor Alice 

My Neighbor Alice is a simple multiplayer NFT game that lets players buy virtual land and build a farming business. The game uses its in game currency Alice, built on the Binance Smart chain.  A virtual avatar represents each player, and in-game NFTs can be added to your farm to increase its value as you make new connections and friends.

My neighbor Alice is inspired by successful titles such as Animal Crossing. The game combines the best of the two worlds – an ecosystem for players who want to collect and trade NFTs and a fun narrative for regular players who want to enjoy the gameplay experience, even if they have no idea what an NFT is. 

It’s a game that makes blockchain features accessible and enjoyable for players unfamiliar with NFTs; multiple players can connect with their neighbors, earn money and participate in fun daily activities. To become a part of the Alice world, one needs to purchase land and engage in activities like gathering insects, farming, fishing, and beekeeping. The status of players in the game is upgraded through activities, shared missions, and competitions.

The Alice NFT marketplace is available on Binance and in-game and covers everything from animals and houses to vegetables and decorations. Alice token is required to buy and sell virtual items. If you’re looking to give yourself the best chance of minting super-rare NFTs on Alice, you might consider checking out the secondary marketplace at Binance.


The Decentraland platform offers some of the best NFT games to play in the metaverse. At the beginning of the metaverse experience, players are required to create personalized characters that they can use to explore the digital world. Decentraland is famous for its virtual land that users can customize to their preferences, such as real estate. The real estate is customizable as an NFT making it possible to sell it on the marketplace.  Users can customize the plots, such as real estate, to provide services to other players. 

Mana is the native token/ currency on Decentraland. Players can use Mana to purchase asset NFTs in the marketplace that players can use to enrich their gaming experience. Decentralized provides an exciting journey for its users by regularly launching new experiences.

Major brands have made appearances on Decentraland or bought “properties” in it. Atari, Samsung, Adidas, and Sotheby’s held their first metaverse auction. In March 2022, Decentraland hosted Metaverse Fashion Week in which major fashion brands appeared, including Dolce & Gabbana, Imitation of Chris, Perry Ellis, Tommy Hilfiger, Elie Saab, Nicholas Kirkwood, and Estée.

Gods Unchained

God’s Unchained is a digital trading card game that gives players ownership of their collections. The game is led by the former director of The gathering arena game Chris Clay; the game shares many similarities with the famous Wizards of the Coast’s successful tabletop title.

Gameplay involves battling other players using cards and combinations of cards, each with unique stats, strengths, and weaknesses that you need to learn to harness. 

It’s a well-designed strategic game where good players can win, and not the value of your hand always matters. Gods unchained is unique because it is free-to-play, not a pay-to-win game that rewards skill. Cards are earned from experience points and playing, which can be bought and sold, earning you real money on the crypto marketplace Immutable X and in-game as GODS tokens. GODS tokens are the native currency of the platform and are used to fuse and enhance cards to create rare new versions or buy packs of cards. God’s Unchained is one of the best free NFT games for card battle players.


Crypto Kitties is one of the earliest Play-to-Earn games launched in 2017 by Canadian studio Dapper Labs. Players purchase, collect, breed, and sell virtual cats referred to as Crypto kitties in the game. Like most play-to-earn games, each kitten in CryptoKitties is 100% unique and represented by an NFT token. The crypto kitties are unique, so you might own a rare NFT that can then be sold in the open marketplace. Cryptokitty NFT number 40, part of the ‘Gen 0’ series, has sold for over $1 million. The kittens come with specific breeding characteristics – which, depending on the rarity, will determine how much each kitten is worth in the open marketplace.

The game enables players to buy and sell cats with their community, crack puzzles alongside other players, create collections and earn rewards, chase limited edition Fancy cats, breed adorable cats and unlock rare traits, and play games in the KittyVerse.


Splinterlands is a strategic NFT play card fighting game similar to Gods Unchained. The Game is built on the hive blockchain with cross-compatibility with the Ethereum, Tron, and WAX blockchains.

Splinterlands makes it easy for players to earn daily from tournaments, ranked play, and quests. No matter your skill level or collection size, there is always an opportunity to earn.

Prizes include collectible cards of varying rarity, card packs, magic potions, and Dark Energy Crystals (a tradable, digital currency used to buy items in the in-game shop).

A downturn on Splinterlands is that, unlike Gods Unchained, which is free to play, you have to pay to play Splinterlands; players must buy a new card pack before you can begin. However, players can earn more cards when they win battles and quests in the game.

All cards are unique with verified rarity and strengths enabling players to trade and collect digital cards. Buy in-game credits with various crypto, earn rewards and other digital assets, and even earn HIVE cryptocurrency tokens by simply participating in their social media community. Every action in Splinterlands is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring everything is provable. 

The NFT cards are available on Open Sea, PeakMonsters, and Monster Marketplaces.

DeFi Kingdoms 

DeFi Kingdoms is one of the earliest NFT gaming platforms to truly leverage the power of NFTs with its nostalgic fantasy pixel art. The Defi Kingdom is a retro-style quest game that enables players to quest and manage in-game hidden items and a chance to develop their hero. The game has been ranked the top NFT game on the Harmony blockchain.

JEWEL is the native token earned in the game and used to trade NFTs. Players can easily swap the token into the Harmony One cryptocurrency. The Defi kingdom gameplay involves a story mode that makes it easy to understand complicated NFT and decentralized finance (Defi) concepts using lore and stories. Defi features offered in gameplay include token swapping, liquidity farming pools, and staking. 

So jump on the Defi kingdom, enlist heroes to defend your gardens, and purchase land to expand your kingdom. The game is being developed to include a world map that players can share with peers and an option to craft equipment that increases your warriors’ power. DeFi Kingdoms is a gateway to NFTs, but sadly, there’s no free entry to play (as yet).

Game of Silks

Silks is an NFT game inspired by real-world thoroughbred horse racing games. Silks are one of the most popular NFT games made possible by their ability to mimic the $11 billion yearly horse racing industry that has always done well in market conditions, even through the recession. The year 2022 is not an exception being a record year for thoroughbred horse purchases and sales. Silk genesis avatar NFTs sold at an average price of $769.9 with 1,933 genesis owners. 

Players must own a Silk avatar to access the  Silks metaverse and convey valuable utility and rights. 

The Silk game uses public data and stats related to real thoroughbred racehorses like training progress, bloodlines, and racing results on-chain to launch one of the most anticipated NFTs of 2022. Silk brings real-world value into the metaverse. When a horse wins in an actual event or breeds an offspring, the corresponding NFT horse earns token rewards.

Why not become a Pinhooker? Track the progress and data of real-world horses and use the knowledge to trade Silk horse NFTs strategically. You can also speculate on land in the Silk metaverse by buying plots for resale or development or purchasing land to develop your farm and stables. 

If you don’t have the skills or time to tend your horses, you can stake them in Community Horse Farms for NFT staking rewards. You can build Farms on your Land in exchange for a fixed fee and a share of the rewards generated by Silks Horses. 

The significant downturn on Silk is the potential for NFT prices to surge, making it impossible for players with limited budgets to participate; this resulted in the introduction of Horse Syndication. Horse syndication enables players to buy fractional NFTs by joining Horse Ownership Pools.

Silk’s mission is to create a sustainable ecosystem where players connect through aligned incentives, shared purpose, and a uniquely rewarding experience.

Mines of Dalarnia 

The game initially launched on Binance to become one of the most popular NFT games on the Binance Smart chain. If you are a fan of action and adventure titles, then Mines of Darlania is a great pick. The game is action-packed and involves exploring an alien world and mining for resources. Here is their story mode:

It is the year 11,752, and the  Metagalactic Collective rules most of the known systems. A generous but incomprehensible artificial intelligence (AI) known as The OneMind guides the Collective, ensuring peace and prosperity. OneMind invents a revolutionary new technology: Terraforming Capsules. These capsules spontaneously make a planet undergo millions of years of evolution in seconds. Three planets in the Dalarnia sector are chosen to undergo the first wave of terraforming experiments. People across the Galaxy flock to the newly terraformed planets, seeking their fortunes in a spacefaring gold rush. As a hopeful player and miner, you have spent your life savings to travel to alien worlds to seek your fortunes.

The gameplay incorporates 3 types of NFTs, Mining plots- land, Robo Canary birds, and a mining ape collection. These NFTs are available on Opensea and the Binance NFT marketplace.

The Mines of Dalarnia consist of several planets, and each planet is split into 40 x 40 mining plots. Each plot is unique; their ownership, rental, and upkeep play an integral role in the Play to Earn game. Each plot requires a specific set of NFTs to explore and mine.

Robo Canary birds are miners’ pets in Darlania. They follow the player around and warn of potential enemies and hazards. Each Canary bird is unique; the rarer your canary is, the more powerful it is.

Mining Ape NFTs are a status symbol that gives players extra benefits within the community. There are 3,039 unique Mining Apes minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

 Star Atlas 

Star Atlas is a  space exploration game similar to the classic No Man’s sky with mining, trading, and combat features. The game stands out from the competitors with its play-to-earn model.  Star Atlas offers impressive visuals and performance.  

On Star Atlus, you can fly state-of-the-art spaceships wherever your heart desires to explore and conquer resource-rich areas of the universe. Exploration items such as mining equipment can be purchased on the NFT marketplace and configured to take on ship missions. Players can also become collectors or traders of rare items on the marketplace. At the beginning of the game, players must pick factions that determine their strategic advantages based on the crafting potential of nearby raw materials. Players are ranked by factions based on their game earnings. Players can also join an organization and collabo with other players with a similar play style, manifesto, or utility.

A disadvantage of Star Atlus is that it does not have a free-to-play option barring many players from participating. However, Star Atlus has a lot of promise, and you can begin building your fleet now to explore the depths of space, dominate, and conquer territories. By holding their governance token Polis, players can participate in making and passing the game development proposals.

Battle of Guardians

Battle of Guardians is a real-time Online Multiplayer PVP, PVE, and Fighting Tournament game that combines excellent graphics with fantastic combat built on Unreal Engine and Solana Network. Players engage in fierce battles in the expansive Multi-Dimensional universe. Battle of Guardians is an all-out battle of skills where players are ranked by skill to compete with each other. The game consists of three modes: tournament, player vs. Player (PVP),  story, and training mode. Here is the storyline of the game:

A long time ago, human beings lived with creatures called the Guardians. The Guardians possessed extraordinary powers and capabilities that surpassed humans; the Guardians maintained the balance of the earth and protected humankind and, in return, were worshiped as gods. As human technology developed, it soon took over the role of Guardians, and humans gradually abandoned their existence. The Guardians then disappeared. Several millenniums later, a group of humans accidentally opened the gate that connected hell to earth. Creatures from Hell invaded earth, crushing human civilization. However, just as demons nearly wiped out humanity’s hope, the Guardians returned.

Players can choose whether they want to play as demons, humans, or guardians. Each race has advantages and disadvantages and preferred tactics in a rock-paper-scissors arrangement. Players craft and collect in-game NFTs, which they can trade in the market.

Battle of Guardians is currently available for Windows 10 PC, and a mobile version for Android and iOS is in development.


Revvracing is a play-to-earn blockchain game for car racing. Unlike many games, REVV Racing lets you genuinely own your car and in-game assets. In its latest update, Revv Motorsport populated its ecosystem with NFT games like MotoGP Ignition, Formula E High Voltage, and F1 Delta Team, all developed by Animoca Brands.

Revvracing is an arcade racing simulation game that lets players collect and trade NFT items like trophies, drivers, car parts, and cars. Like other games in the Revv Motorsport universe, Revvracing uses Revv as its in-game currency for rewards and trading.

In Revvracing, players compete against each other in daily challenges, each with 70,000 REVV in rewards, distributed among players according to their finishing position. Each player is awarded a few free races, which, when spent, can be renewed by paying a participation fee.

All racing scars are unique, with varying rarity levels (Common, Legendary, and Apex). They have attributes like handling, acceleration, and top speed that determine how each behaves on the track. If you lack confidence in your skills, you can “Hire a Driver”  and let someone else race your car. After the race, win rewards are split between the car owner and the driver.

Revvracing was initially launched on Ethereum but switched to the Polygon network, which is more advanced than Ethereum.


STEPN is a lifestyle app with Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements powered by NFTs. Stepn initially launched on the Binance Launchpad and quickly gained fame owing to its move to earn economics; STEPN nudges millions to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Players are equipped with NFT Sneakers in three categories: walk, jog or run, earning GST tokens, which can be used to level up and mint new Sneakers. Sneaker categories represent different fitness levels, a walker sneaker for 1 -6 km/ h, a runner 8 -10 km/h, a trainer 1 -20 km/h, and a jogger is 4 -10km/h. GPS tracking is used to monitor the player’s movements

Players can choose to sell or lease their NFT Sneakers on the in-app Marketplace; users’ GST token earnings are stored in the in-app Wallet. A shoebox NFT contains a sneaker of random type and quality.

While running, stay within the anti-cheating green zone, within your specified speed range, and with a strong GPS signal reception. Players who can’t afford sneakers can rent them free from other users to get started, with the earnings split later. Equip your sneaker, move outdoors, burn energy and earn crypto rewards.

The Stepn team earns from deducting a small tax from in-app activities, such as NFT trading, Shoe-rental, and Shoe-minting. Individual users own all assets in the STEPN app, and users make the majority of their earnings in the app. A share of profits is used to buy Carbon Removal Credits on the blockchain to combat climate change.

Lucky Block 

Lucky Block is a gaming platform for playing online lottery games built on Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology. The project is considered a revolutionary approach because of its dependence on the blockchain to ensure absolute randomness for lottery games. Hence, players all over the world have the same chances of winning. 

All transactions on Lucky block are available in public ledgers, ensuring that every player is treated equally. 

All Lucky Block NFTs earn you rewards in Lblock, the platform’s native currency, and give access to eligible competitions. The more and the longer you hold, the more Lblocks you receive. The NFTs earn rewards from just holding them. Each Lucky Block NFT collection is twinned with a Lucky Block NFT competition; a winner is picked and rewarded when the NFT collection sells out.

The rewards range from cash prizes to luxury cars and dream houses. The crew involved has a solid background and has partners to back them up, such as Finixio, which shows great promise for the project. Lucky Block has also made it to various TV outlets. Two of the most prominent UK newspapers have featured the story in the mirror and express. 


In summary, this guide has explained everything there is to know about the NFT gaming industry. We’ve discussed how NFT games allow you to earn rewards – with a strong focus on in-game digital tokens and unique NFTs.

Investing in the broader NFT game market by purchasing in-game tokens – such as Decentraland, the Sandbox, or Axie Infinity role playing games on Opensea is a good option.

In terms of the most ambitious NFT game project, Sorare quickly makes the top of the list. Sorare stands out for its unique gaming dynamics and vibrant metaverse economy. 

As discussed in the article, a significant benefit of playing the best NFT games is that you get to earn cryptocurrencies simply by being competitive in playing games. The NFT marketplaces also offer lots of speculating and leveraging opportunities to earn money. Defi opportunities such as renting out and developing NFTs are revolutionizing the gaming industry.

Popular titles like Decentraland and Axie Infinity have achieved multi-billion dollar market capitalization.



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