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ProximaX’s game tokenization platform Xarcade launches testnet browser app

The team of ProximaX, a full-stack blockchain platform, announced today that its Xarcade Testnet Browser App has launched. This version is compatible with releasing Browser/HTML5/Web and Web GL games within the testnet environment and all game developers are welcome to discover the new app.

Xarcade Browser App Games Detail section

This testnet environment is designed to allow game developers to create and release in-game assets (such as in-game points or an in-game currency) with no real-world value. The setup allows a game developer to invite his contacts to test the flow of the assets inside the game and ensure that all is in order before releasing the game in the mainnet environment where the assets will have real-world value.

Onboarding of a game in the testnet environment is free of charge. These are all private game releases and the developer has full control of who he chooses to invite to play/test the game and give feedback.

The Testnet Browser App is one of 3 major parts of the Xarcade gaming ecosystem which are:

Mainnet in the form of the future Browser App which offers the testnet and mainnet experience
Future Xarcade metaverse called MetaXar

“Our team is hard at work to make the Testnet Browser App compatible with iOS, macOS, Windows, and other platforms so stay tuned!”
– The ProximaX Team

For game developers who are interested in releasing Browser/HTML5/Web or Web GL testnet games, sign up to Xarcade here. Also, check out the Developer’s Documentation.

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