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SpartaCats Meme Coin PURR Lists on Two DEXs: PancakeSwap and FlatQube

On June 4, 2022, the meme coin project SpartaCats, whose purpose is to unite meme coins and NFT enthusiasts into a one-for-all smart ecosystem, added its native token PURR to the listings of two decentralized exchanges: PancakeSwap and FlatQube. On the same day, SpartaCats launched liquidity pools, followed by a farming program on BNB Chain and Everscale.

On the first day of trading, the coin showed an X8 price increase, and this is definitely a good start, since the project by all indications promises to become a new Dogecoin, which showed an increase of 15,000%. So buying a PURR token early is definitely an event not to be missed.

Who Are SpartaCats?

SpartaCats is the first meme coin project in history that has real utility value. It is also an independent autonomous decentralized organization (DAO) of the same name based on self-government, with the PURR token at the heart of its economy.

An important part of the SpartaCats philosophy is understanding the role of cats in our lives. Cats are objectively more popular than dogs in most countries, and there is probably no need to talk about how many memes with cats exist. Yes, there are a lot more cat memes than dog ones. At the same time, today, the place of cats in the meme coin market is free, and this is the place that SpartaCats will occupy! This furry army is ready to go into battle,

because in addition to their charm, they have something very significant that they can oppose to dog meme coins.

How Does PURR Differ from All Other Meme Coins?

Until today, all meme coins creators launched them with only one goal — to entertain the crypto community. These coins didn’t have any outstanding technology or useful product behind them. This did not prevent the meme coin promoters from earning obscenely large amounts of money on them. The most striking example is Elon Musk, who pumped up Dogecoin to unimaginable heights with his influence: the coin is now on the 10th line of the CMC, and dozens of really valuable coins are far behind it. At the same time, DOGE`s got absolutely no value behind it. It has always been, and still is, a joke coin.

The SpartaCats project seeks to change this state of affairs. Appreciating the potential of meme coin as a universal tool for conveying meanings to a wide community of crypto enthusiasts, the team created their own meme coin under the affectionate name PURR, which, however, will not be at all gentle with dog meme coins, which, by coincidence, flooded the crypto market.

The main difference between PURR and other meme coins is that behind this token there is an entire ecosystem, a full-fledged DAO community, where PURR is both a unit of account and an element of influence. The utility properties of PURR lie in the fact that with their help, users form clans and communities, hold competitions, which ultimately lead to the formation of an effective economic hierarchy in the meme coin market.

SpartaCats also keeps in touch with real-life cat shelters and communities around the world, and this interaction is an important part of the project`s philosophy, since it`s loving cats that inspired the team to create the PURR meme coin.

The Role of NFT in the SpartaCats DAO Community

NFT is a tool of influence in the SpartaCats community. In total, the project will issue 300 NFTs, gradually over 4 years. All 300 unique tokens form the SpartaCats DAO Foundation, which will jointly own 15% of all PURR tokens. The community decides what to spend these tokens on, whether they should be burned for the purpose of increasing the rate, or something else should be done with them. These tokens will replenish the general DAO pool in parallel with the NFTs minting.

Each member of the DAO Foundation holds at least one NFT which is equal to one vote. As SpartaCats is the classical DAO, all issues are decided by its participants voting here.

PURR Tokenomics

Total Supply:

The DAO Foundation manages 15% of all PURR tokens. Of these, only 2% will be unlocked immediately for the Core Team, while the remaining 13% will be unlocked in parallel with the release of the NFTs. With each new NFT sold at auction, an amount will be unlocked at the DAO Foundation`s disposal.

Dividend program: 5% (0.0185% every week to all NFT holders)

Seed round: 10% to be vested linearly over 12 months

Launchpad: all the funds collected will be directed to the liquidity pool

Liquidity Pool: 10% (LP tokens will be sent to the genesis block (zero-address)

Airdrop: 10%

Farming BNB Chain: 20%

Farming EVER: 20%

SpartaCats Bounty Program

SpartaCats team is looking for community members that are willing to be its cat face and meow voice. To become the first PURR`s lucky owners, bounty players should complete tasks, gain access to the game, and be able to claim their NFTs and SpartaCat`s tokens. They can also earn 10% PURR Tokens from friends they invite. Here’s the Bounty program bot —

What Financial Benefits Can PURR Holders Receive?

To put it simply and briefly, everyone saw the wild Xs, up to 15,000%, that Shiba Inu and Dogecoin showed! Meme coins have an amazing potential for mass adoption, and if a meme coin also has a real ecosystem behind it, a developed infrastructure with exchanges and wallets, if it has a DAO Foundation run by people, a competent and open tokenomics — then such a meme coin is simply doomed to success. And since there are simply no cat meme coins in the market at the moment, SpartaCats` PURR`s got a great chance to compete with Dogecoin and become the top-1 very quickly.

SpartaCats is waiting for everyone at PancakeSwap and FlatQube to join PURR trading!



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