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Decent Labs introduces solution for developers to manage DAOs: Fractal

Decent Labs, a Web3 accelerator and venture studio, has launched a new product called Fractal on mainnet, a turnkey solution for developers to utilize in building, funding, governing, and scaling the decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) of the future.

DAOs overcome the flaws of traditional organizations but lack the infrastructure and standardization that enables them to scale. Fractal provides a framework that enables any individual or business to create a DAO, setting DAOs on course to form the foundation for the future of business.

“DAOs provide the ability to build programmable organizations with automated infrastructure. These are the organizations that are necessary to building web3 and ensuring it remains fully decentralized. With Fractal we aim to accelerate DAO creation by providing a toolkit that’s simple to use and comprehensive, empowering the next-generation of visionaries to launch transformative global movements, businesses, and social collectives harnessing the power of open-source, decentralized technology.”
– Parker McCurley, CEO of Decent Labs & Founder of Decent DAO

Fractal is open-source, free, and composable with popular DeFi protocols, promoting maximum participation and enabling developers to launch full-featured DAOs that include modules for:

Governance tokens
Proposals, votes, and executions
Fundraising mechanisms
Payroll systems
Liquidity incentive programs

Since 2017, Decent Labs has helped launch over 30 crypto products. Its agency-meets-accelerator model has enabled entrepreneurs to develop solutions and take part in transforming the blockchain ecosystem.

Now, Decent Labs will transition into operating as Decent DAO (the first DAO to launch using Fractal). The move signals a shift in focus into community and developer empowerment by way of Decent DAO.

Decent DAO is an open-source collective dedicated to connecting contributors across the crypto ecosystem with the tools and technologies needed to build thriving, self-sufficient communities.

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